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Meet Your Team 



Integrative Health

My name is Paola Munoz, certified Health Coach specialized in Hormonal Balance and Gut Health, certified Essential Life Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator and Enneagram expert.

Driven by my own health needs I brought myself to explore and specialize in Health and Life balance techniques. I found this conscious lifestyle in which mind, body and soul detoxification, and a holistic approach to navigating life brought much-needed joy and peace to my present life.

In this powerful 5 day journey, we will work in determining Bio-Individual needs, define mental and emotional areas each participant wants to work on and through the sessions I will guide and provide the necessary tools to make this a life-changing experience.



Flow of Movement

Hi, I am Meli. I am a certified yoga instructor and wellness consultant. I have been integrating yoga into my life for over 13 years. I have delved into hatha yoga, aerial and kundalini, yet, my focus goes beyond particular asanas or branches of yoga, but instead being a facilitator to generate spaces for you to connect with your body and your intuition. 


During our daily movement sessions, we will generate heat, release built-up tension, improve mobility and flexibility. While during our  meditation sessions we will train our focus to tune into your inner wisdom, always keeping in mind your individual purpose for this experience.

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